The Gregg Preparatory School is an extremely happy and friendly independent day school close to the heart of Southampton for children aged three to eleven.  We provide for the whole child through a modern curriculum, with an enriched programme of study and opportunities to develop all our children’s individual talents.  The family environment, dedicated staff and caring ethos give our children the confidence to explore the world around them. 

We have high behavioural and academic expectations and in our nurturing environment children feel secure to take on challenges that enable them to thrive and flourish.  

Our children benefit from the close links with our senior school in Townhill Park – The Gregg School through the use of the wonderful facilities at their 23 acre site. 

If you think your child would benefit from our small classes and all that The Gregg Preparatory School can offer, we look forward to welcoming you either at one of our Open Mornings or individually by contacting our school office on 02380 557352. 


Mr M Pascoe



Headteacher's Annual Report 2022-23


What extra-curricular activities can my child partake in?

At The Gregg Preparatory School we believe that extra curricular activities are very important in educating the whole child. Each term the clubs are changed to add variety. The children’s suggestions are also welcomed through the School Council. The clubs for Spring Term 2019 are as follows: TGP Reporters Club, Lego and Meccano Club, Construction Club, Homework Club, Design Club, Puzzle Club, First Aid Club, Dance Club, Football Club, ICT Club, Textiles Club, Innovative Thinkers Club and Choir.

Can my child learn a musical instrument?

Yes. 75% of our pupils from Forms 1 to 6 have instrumental lessons at school. Working with Southampton Music Service we offer a wide variety of musical instruments taught by peripatetic teachers. These range from piano, violin, cello, guitar, clarinet, brass and singing.

What exams do we take?

The school does not take the SATs tests. Our pupils are assessed using INCAS devised by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at the University of Durham and other standardised tests. These tests are reviewed annually and form part of the ongoing moderation process.   We prepare our pupils for entry into their respective Key Stage 3 schools.