At The Gregg Preparatory School we value each child as an individual and encourage their self-esteem, positive attitude and independence.

We realise that starting school at 4 or 5 year's old is a big step for all our children and parents, and so we try to make the transition from their Preschool and Nursery settings as smooth and fun as possible.

We believe your children are your precious gifts; from the moment they enter the school building, they become our responsibility and we treat them with the utmost care and respect that they deserve. In our class, we encourage children to learn independently and interdependently through age-appropriate play as well as structured learning tasks; developing good social skills and learning to respect each other by providing a safe, bright learning environment and clear boundaries. We follow the New Adopted Early Years Curriculum of September 2021 where continuous and enhanced provision is in place and the emphasis is drawn to young children's muscle and bone development whilst they learn in a fun way. They learn to master their own personal hygiene, getting dressed and their daily routine... persevering with buttons, zips and poppers. We provide them with plenty of opportunities to develop and express their imagination and creativity. Activities and lessons are planned with your children to meet the individual needs of each child in our school.

It is important for you to know that your children have a snack in the morning and afternoon plus they have access to fresh, clean water at any point during the school day; these factors all help to support your children's healthy bone and muscle development.

Once your children's basic needs (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) are met, they then feel confident to learn.

We believe in Reception that it is important to keep at least weekly communication with parents and we do this via Tapestry or their diaries, both teachers and parents can write, send pictures and video clips on this platform to each other. Right from September, Reception children learn Phases 1, 2 and 3 of their Phonics sounds and letter names, together with learning to order numbers to 10 or 20 and learn number names. We use 'Jolly Phonics' and get plenty of our resources from 'Twinkl.'

When Reception children have finished the school year, we aim for each child to have developed a pure love of learning which will be continued and enhanced throughout their time at The Gregg Preparatory School.

The Gregg Preparatory School takes part in the Government's Early Years Education (EYE) Scheme which enables parents to claim up to 30 hours of free early years’ education up to the children's 5th birthday.