Lunch, snack and drink

All children at The Gregg Preparatory School have a healthy, well-balanced school lunch. Our caterers are Holroyd Howe (specialist independent school and college caterers) who provide delicious and nutritious food freshly prepared on site daily for our pupils. 

Created in 1997 Holroyd Howe is an independent caterer operating exclusively in the independent schools’ market with a commitment to provide great fresh food served by well-trained people who care.

Fresh Local Season Produce Every Day

We use the best British ingredients, nothing processed, nothing added. We source locally and have established partnerships with Hampshire farmers, producers and artisan food suppliers so that 
our chefs have the best, freshest available produce to create delicious seasonal dishes.

Healthy Eating and Food Allergies

At Holroyd Howe we wholeheartedly encourage a healthy lifestyle within our schools. We adhere to the principle of ‘getting the balance right’; providing enough fruit and vegetables, protein, fibre and starchy foods whilst limiting fat, sugar and salt.

Our goal is to help pupils of all ages enjoy balanced meals. If your child has an allergy or food intolerance please do let us know, we are experienced in catering for many different diets and our trained teams will provide them with an alternative meal, ensuring their dietary needs are met.

Holyroyd Howe's Commitment to You

We buy 100% of our meat and 90% of our fruit and vegetables from UK sources; Our eggs come from RSPCA Freedom Farm Assured sources only and are certified with the Red Lion Quality Mark; All our milk is produced from Red Tractor accredited farms; All our fresh bakery products are made on-site or by local bakers close to the School; No fish on the IUCN threatened species red list is used within our menus and our suppliers are prohibited from sourcing “At Risk” fish.

The lunch menu has a three-week rotation.  An option system operates so Key Stage 2 children choose their meals whereas the younger children’s parents select theirs. Meals for special diets are provided and any parent may speak to the Cook directly via an appointment through the school office.

The menu of the week is linked to the weekly newsletter.

A selection of salad, fruit, yoghurt and freshly baked bread are available at every meal and water and milk are available to drink.  

Snack and drink

The children are allowed to bring a fruit snack and a drink for morning break – fresh drinking water is always available.  No nuts, sweets, biscuits, cakes, sandwiches or bars of chocolate are allowed. The catering team prepare a healthy, well-balanced lunch every day. No glass bottles of drink are allowed. Bottles of water are encouraged for classroom use and for games/gym lessons.