English as an Additional Language - EAL

At The Gregg Schools we work with young people from all cultural backgrounds. By virtue of our central Southampton location we attract many multilingual pupils. Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Hub enables students at our schools to access a dedicated learning environment.

EAL Hub at The Gregg PrepOur EAL Hub is a key focus.  We have created an environment for our children who require EAL by providing a dedicated classroom designed to deliver English lessons taught by our qualified EAL teachers.

Attending our EAL Hub gives children the chance to learn with other non, or limited, English speakers, in small groups, facilitating their confidence in learning a foreign language. Whilst learning English comes naturally from spending time with other English speaking pupils and teachers, it is important to recognise that specific support around English skills is essential to progress and integrate into school. Offering a separate space to learn English, alongside others in a similar position, gives children the chance to progress their English fluency in reading, writing and speaking, at a greater pace and depth.

Our EAL students have timetabled provision to access the EAL Hub, primarily during year group English lessons, and are taught by our fully qualified EAL teachers.

How it works

Firstly, we ask that you complete our application form and provide current school reports, as per our usual application process. We will then invite your child to spend some time in school, in their year group and to visit the EAL Hub. Your child will take an online assessment, guided by our friendly EAL teachers, to ascertain their level of English understanding and knowledge. An offer of a place will include confirmation of being assigned a space in the Hub, if it is required.


  • Supported, confident children willing to try their language skills
  • Ability to progress quicker academically
  • Connection to other EAL pupils and teachers
  • Smoother social integration and interaction with their year group


Lessons in the EAL Hub are charged on a termly basis and progress is reviewed each term to determine if the child needs to continue Hub lessons the following term. The cost for participation in the EAL Hub, at least four times a week, will be £300 per child per term, in addition to school fees. Means-tested bursaries are available.

If your child would benefit from this provision, please email us for more details on office@thegreggprep.org.