School Uniform

School Uniform

The Gregg Prep

  • Children attending the school must wear the correct school uniform. EVERY item must be clearly marked with the child’s full name (this includes socks and shoes).
  • All clothing for swimming, gym and games must be kept in the appropriate kit bag when not being used – not a carrier bag.
  • No noticeable make up is permitted. No jewellery may be worn in school, except for one plain gold ear stud, in both ears. No hooped, dangly or other earrings may be worn.
  • Blazers must be worn to school every day. The school will not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, watches or ear studs.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that rules regarding uniform are accepted when the admission form is signed. If, however, uniform is unavailable, then allowances will be made until the supply is delivered.

Please contact the school office if you are in any doubt about sizing and the requirements of uniform. The regulation items of school uniform with the school logo are available from School Colours

Any items in the tables below which are marked with an asterisk (*) can be obtained from the school office.

Unisex Uniform
  • Regulation navy blue braided blazer with school badge embroidered on pocket*
  • Regulation navy blue jumper
  • Regulation school tie*
  • Regulation navy blue-braided blazer with school badge embroidered on the pocket*
  • White long-sleeved school shirt
  • Plain navy blue or black coat
  • Black flat-heeled shoes – not trainers, boots or fashion shoes
  • Plain blue, black, grey fleece scarf, hat and gloves
  • Navy blue all-in-one wet weather suit
Girls’ Uniform


  • Regulation blue check tartan kilt 
  • Plain navy blue school trousers
  • Navy blue tights or navy blue knee-length socks


  • Regulation navy Gingham summer dress 
  • Regulation jumper navy blue 
  • White socks, ankle or knee-length 
  • White or blue hair bands and ribbons may be worn with the summer uniform if preferred
Boys’ Uniform


  • Standard grey school trousers
  • Grey socks


  • Standard grey school shorts
  • Grey ankle socks
  • Plain navy blue standard swimming costume or trunks
  • A towel for drying
  • Swimming hat*
  • Royal blue tracksuit top, with school logo*
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Drawstring bag for swimming*
  • Goggles and armbands (optional)
Gym, Games, and Sports Days
  • Regulation polo shirt, with school logo*
  • Plain navy blue cotton shorts or skirt for girls
  • Trainers
  • Short white socks
  • Royal blue sweatshirt with school logo*
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms
  • School barrel bag for P.E.*
Other Items
  • Long-sleeved, blue overall for art work, painting and lunchtimes EYFS, KS 1
  • Backpack/bookbag*
  • Drawstring bag for swimming barrel bag for P.E.*
  • Navy blue all-in-one wet weather suit (EYFS children only)
  • Wellies (any colour or design) (EYFS children only)

The Gregg School

The uniform below is bespoke to The Gregg School and is identifiable with a tax tab. It will therefore need to be purchased from the School Colours website and no other retailer.

  • Skirt – mid-grey colour and appropriate length in relation to the student’s height
  • Trousers – mid-grey colour
  • Lower school blazer – with a twisted braid and badge
  • Upper school blazer – dark navy colour with school badge and choice of a fitted style or a unisex design
  • Jumpers - choice of a long-sleeved jumper or sleeveless jumper bearing a thin blue band around the neck
  • School tie
  • Shorts – mid-grey colour and for the summer term only

The following items of uniform can be purchased from all other retailers:

  • White shirts may be purchased from School Colours or any retailer; Long or short sleeved shirt to be worn with tie and should be worn tucked in
  • Tights/Socks – black or navy thick tights (no other colour) when wearing a skirt and when wearing trousers grey, navy or black socks; When wearing shorts grey, navy, black or white ankle socks (no trainer socks)
  • Shoes – black leather patent or suede low heel no higher than 5 cm and a style suitable for school (no fashion/trainer style)
  • School bags – suitable dark colour and size of bag that would fit in a locker
  • Waterproof/winter coat (optional) – grey, navy and black with no logos
  • Scarf (optional) – plain grey, navy or black with no patterns
  • Make up and jewellery – no noticeable makeup permitted, nail varnish, false nail and eyelashes are not permitted. Only one small, suitable and appropriate earring in each ear lobe. No other form of body piercing is permitted.
  • Hair – Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back at all times. Only dark coloured hair slides, bands or ribbons are permitted. Hair must not be non-natural colours. Hair must be presented in a tidy fashion. Extreme lengths and styles (less than a grade 3) are not permitted and students must be clean shaven.

Equipment List

All students should have a minimum of the following equipment, in a pencil case, with them each day (this includes on PE days), and all students are expected to arrive to each lesson with the correct equipment:

  • Two blue or black pens
  • Two pencils and sharpener
  • A purple pen
  • A rubber
  • A ruler
  • A scientific calculator
  • A protractor
  • A set of compasses

PE Kit

PE and Games kit is purchased online at Once you are on the Gregg School page, you will find a comprehensive list of both compulsory and optional items required. All items are grouped into Key Stages for your convenience (KS3: Yr 7-9, KS4: Yr 10-11).

In addition, students will need the following which may be purchased from any retailer:

  • Football boots
  • Training shoes
  • Shin pads (essential for football and hockey)
  • Gum shield (essential for hockey and rugby)
  • Towel
  • Navy or black drawstring sports bag (to fit in locker)

All Students

House polo shirts in 3 colours are available at £12.50 each. They may be purchased in the House colours: RED - Roman, BLUE - Trojan and YELLOW - Spartan. They will have the school crest and printed surname embroidered on the front as well as the House name on the back.


Bags must be strong enough to protect text/exercise books. PE kit should be brought in a separate bag. Lockers are provided for all students, but these cannot accommodate large sports holdalls. 

A "scientific" model calculator. The Casio FX-991EX Classwiz is available from the school, price £23.25. The Oxford Dictionary is available from the school, price £7.99.  A geometry set is required, preferably Helix Achiever.