Core Academic Subjects

Core Academic Subjects: Maths, English, Science

We take a practical approach where possible to the core academic subjects: English, Maths and Science at The Gregg Prep School.


A practical approach to numeracy is evident from the EYFS to Form 6 and regular challenges are set to get the children thinking and problem-solving.  To do so, they need the fundamentals of numbers and these are at the centre of each Maths lesson.  The lessons have elements of the Singapore method which enable the children to think creatively about their Maths.

Work is differentiated so that each child can achieve a thorough understanding of number before they move on. The older children also take part in The Primary Schools’ Maths Challenge with great success.


We take a very practical approach to science at The Gregg Prep. Alongside the teaching of knowledge, every opportunity is given to allow the children to engage in practical “hand-on” Science as we consider this the best way of learning!


A love of the written word is essential for all children and at The Gregg Preparatory School, our literacy sessions enable them to acquire the skills to access all areas of the curriculum.  Children need to become confident communicators both in speaking and writing and through exciting and lively lessons, children are given the opportunities and support to do so.

A love of reading is at the centre of all that we do and our cosy, well-stocked library is a place the children enjoy visiting weekly.  The special EYFS area is well loved by all the children and they will often be found curled up in a beanbag, sharing a book.

There are many opportunities to bring English work to life including competitions such as the Poetry Slam, Book Week and presenting and writing assemblies.  The older children often share their writing with the younger ones – both parties really enjoy this wonderful learning opportunity.